CM1 on virtual machines

We currently have our development CM1 installation on a virtual server. Can we also use a virtual machine for our production server?

Yes. VM is supported, so long as the Operating System in the VM is supported. Only extra concern is making sure the VM settings are not negatively impacting performance (e.g. by restricting available CPU or Memory usage).

Versions as in release version or OS version?

Sorry, this is in response to the mirroring question I asked in another post.

By versions I meant CM1 versions. E.g. don’t try to copy the files from a CM1 v1.7 server to a CM1 v1.8 server. Both need to be the same CM1 version (run the upgrade on both first to get them in sync).

Also when you file copy - like a restore - there may be minor areas to check if the machine/host names change (e.g. in some of the configuration files, LDAP or Webserver setup).