CM1 Strangely Slow and Thumbnails aren't working

I’ve noticed my CM1 application has been very slow. I am still on version 3.0. Right now none of the thumbnails of templates render in the design view, and it was suggested this might be causing the slowdown.

Hi Karolina,

I’m going to open a ticket in our support portal so I can get a hold of your system’s log file, which should give us a clue as to what’s going wrong with the template thumbnail image generation service, as this may be what’s causing your system to run sluggishly. Please check your inbox momentarily for a notification.

Upon looking over Karo’s log file, we determined that there were two symptoms of the same problem: the sluggish behavior of the system, and the fact that no thumbnail images were being generated (for pages and templates in the Design section).

In the log we saw these errors looping endlessly, referencing a new page each time:

[com.percussion.utils.PSScreenCapture] [PROC OUTPUT] Unable to load the address!

We were able to fairly quickly sniff this out and determine that the application server wasn’t able to resolve connections over its own hostname. Once we corrected this issue through modifications to their etc/hosts file, and we found that thumbnail images immediately began appearing. Once the thumbnail generator successfully captured all of the requested thumbnails, the system’s performance stabilized.