CM1 template defects - long template name display and template thumbnail display

I think there are 2 defects here.
(1) The long template name can only be shown in 1 line like “LoooooooongTemplateName…”. It is not clear to choose which template is the one if there are multiple template sharing long and similar prefix name.
(2) The Template Design pane can only show 3 template thumbnails thoroughly and the forth ones are nearly cut off.

Eric, Our solution to address item 1 would be to limit the size of the template name to the existing visible space. That being said, my answer to you would be to not have very long template names. The design never intended to support long file names.

Regarding item 2, the template list is a carousel. There is an arrow to the right and left of the three columns that allow you to navigate through the list of templates.

Thanks Dan.

For item 2, as seen in the previous screenshot, I have 4 templates on the pane. I already clicked the right arrow to the most right position. The last template (the 4th ones) can only be shown as 1/5 portion. I believe it is a bug here…

Hi Eric,

I’ve seen this before occasionally, but I haven’t been able to narrow down any reproducible steps to trigger this problem. Can you tell me what browser you are using, and what your screen resolution is set to? Also, can you confirm that simply refreshing the page resolves this issue, or does it remain stuck like this sometimes? Thanks!

Hi Nathaniel,

I used IE 8 browser with 1280 x 800 screen resolution.

Refreshing the page doesn’t resolve it and it is a consistent behaviour.


Hi Eric,

Thanks, I’m seeing this now too. It appears that if a user’s browser window or screen resolution is narrow (around 800px width or less), their Design section contains more than 4 templates, and the Unassigned pages menu is open, the user will not be able to scroll to bring the template furthest to the right all the way into view. I’ve filed this as a glitch with our UI. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Anytime :slight_smile:

Thanks Nathaniel!