CM1 v1.2 - navigation widget bug fix question

CM1 version 1.2 is about to be released. In our testing we found one of the navigation effects files was missing (a superfish js file that did some of the drop shadow and other visual effects on navigation menus). The proper fix was to simply add this needed file back to the right location so that the effects would appear.

In our BrightVoyage sample site, though, we have not use drop menus in the BV navigation so we never noticed these missing menu effects. This also meant, we never bothered to actually turn them off. So when we upgraded BrightVoyage to 1.2, suddenly the “correct” drop menus appeared where we didn’t want or expect them.

The real solution here is to correctly modify the BV theme and CSS settings to turn off the drop menus the right way, and this is a pretty simple change to the theme. If we don’t make this change, then all the customers who DO want the drop shadow visuals would be forced to do extra work to turn them on, rather than simply upgrade to the get the fix.

However, we are VERY sensitive to any unintended visual effects appearing in CM1 web sites after an upgrade. CM1 upgrades are to be seamless, frequent, and uneventful. Any “clean up” work you might have to do that is caused by an upgrade concerns us.

Please let us know if there will be any issue in your nav, or if you hit this after the upgrade, how we can help you.