Coldfusion integration

We use Coldfusion for our form proecssing (and a few other applications). Currently, in order to include this we have to use an iFrame. It would be much better if it were possible to save a cm1 page with the .cfm extension so that we can ditch the iFrame altogether.

I checked with the Chief Architect on this, and there may be a way to do this now in the product today. The system DOES allow you to create the file name of the published file - at least on a per page basis. In the Create Page dialog, you type in the link text. Below that, however, is the Page Name field. By default, the page name is just the Link Text cleaned up to be URL friendly. You can add your own dot extension to this however.

For example, create page:

Link Text: Products & Services
Page Name: products–Services

Now edit Page Name manually…

Page Name: products-services.cfm

When that page is published, it should still have the .cfm extension.

Of course, it’s now up to your Web server to see the .cfm and process it properly. This is not out-of-box set up, but if you’re already doing cfm development, you’d already have experience with setting up that part of it.

Technically, this could work with any Web app server. Try it out and post here what issues you uncover. If there are specific features we need to add we’ll look at adding them.