Comment box from Audit Trails closes automatically

The comment box from Audit Trail closes within 5 seconds. Is there that it can configured to keep it open until the user closes?


Good morning Rajesh.

This timeout is set to 5 sec (5000 ms) in \sys_resources\stylesheets\auditTrail.xsl

 function textWindow(s)
      textWin ='','HistoryComment','width=500,height=100,resizable=yes');;
      textWin.document.writeln("<html><head><title>History Comment</title></head><body>");

If you would like to remove (or modify) the timeout, you could edit this file and make your changes.

NOTE: Because this modification would need to be made to a System file (note the sys_ designation of the path), it would likely be overwritten on an upgrade and perhaps during deployment of a Patch as well. If you are to undertake a modification of this level, you should make sure the change is documented and re-visited after Upgrades/Patches to re-implement the modification.