Concurrent Publishing Runs

Background: We’re a university with 6 divisions by colleges and schools. Each division has many departments with large websites (not yet within CMS).

Question: We’re debating the issue of whether to have 6 sites (one for each division) within Rx or whether 150 or more sites (by department) would be more logical?

Is Rx capable of running overlapping publishing runs? Can multiple sites be published concurrently?

According to CTO Vern Imrich,, the new Rhythmyx 6.6 will have multi-threaded publishing. But right now, we don’t. I guess you could fake concurrent publishing with closely spaced cron files - I haven’t tried it. Someone said that running multiple publishers might speed things up, but that would mean extra licensing fees.

I would think the number of sites would depend on the number of different template designs and the number of publishing locations. Unless you have a location scheme that makes $sys.pub_path more flexible than it is by default, you would need several (many) different site definitions. Technically, you could use the same one for and and, but not for

How many webmasters do you have? I wouldn’t want 30 webmasters and 30 sites in the same Community. One Site per Community is a good rule. On the other hand, I don’t know if I’d want to set up 150 sites by myself. Our university will potentially have hundreds of sites, and the standard solution to that is to limit the number of variations. We’re hoping to make division webmasters responsible for the sites in their divisions.

Just to clarify,

In Rhythmyx 6.5.x (and earlier versions), one edition per site will run concurrently. This was done to make it possible for installation to limit content in slots to that content that was actually published (and not content that is supposed to be published). Nobody does this in practice any more, and we felt that greater concurrency would benefit more customers, so we decided to remove this restriction. (No matter how closely you space the cron jobs, the editions will still be queued).

In Rhythmyx 6.6 (and beyond) we will remove this synchronization, and you can have as many concurrent editions as you would like. We’ve also included some better support for aborting an edition, etc.


Not sure if this will offer a solution, but you could give certain groups the ability to publish on demand.

You could add some scripts as such:

==== ./Rhythmyx/AppServer/server/rx/deploy/rxapp.ear/rxapp.war/gopub.jsp

<FORM action=publish.jsp id=FORM1
method=get name=FORM1>
<br><INPUT name=Submit type=submit value=“Submit Query”>

-bash-3.00$ cat publish.jsp
<%@ page import=“java.util.*,com.percussion.i18n.PSI18nUtils” %>
This page has kicked of the publishing script.
<% Runtime.getRuntime().exec("/home/tcuser/bin/"); %>

-bash-3.00$ cat


-bash-3.00$ cat
::A sample ScheduledPublication script with hostname, port and editionID
::is generated.
::You should be able to modify this file for your convenience.

:: At the end of the launch command below, (after com.percussion.publisher.runner.PSRemotePublisher),
:: are the following arguments:

:: <server> <port> <editionid> [cmsuserid] [password]

:: Modify these arguments as needed. The last two arguments are optional.

:: ERAU Full
…/…/JRE/bin/java -cp …/server/rx/deploy/RxServices.war/WEB-INF/lib/rxpublisher.jar:…/server/rx/deploy/RxServices.war/WEB-INF/lib/rxmisctools.jar: com.percussion.publisher.runner.PSRemotePublisher localhost 9993 312