Configure box not showing


I can’t seem to get my configure box to show up under my style tab for my HTML widget. I just want to add a style class to the widget, but the box won’t open when I click on the wrench. I tried deleting my content to see if that was the issue, but the empty widget style box won’t open either.

What am I doing wrong?

Also inside html widgets can you have div tags and, can you apply classes to them right in your code? Or do you have to have a region on your template for every div you want to have?

Hi Sandy,

You’ve actually hit on the solution to your problem: you cannot add a root class to an HTML widget, but you can manually wrap everything placed in an HTML widget in a Div tag using any class name you choose. There’s no restriction to what can be put inside an HTML widget – you could even create a full page that’s just one HTML widget, and contain your entire page’s code in this widget (not that you’d want to!).

While other widgets generate Divs that you can add classes to through the Style tab, the HTML widget is an empty shell, so you cannot add classes in the same way.