Configure the width of the column for a certain folder

It would be nice to be able to set the column width at a folder level - especially where there are multiple files that start with the same 15 characters or so.

I browsed to a certain assets folder and this comes up:

I then have to drag the column width to make sure I’m selecting the right version:

But then when I double click to open the item, the finder reloads, and even the asset details pane (in this case) doesn’t display everything I need to see:

I know that the full filename is above the columns - but when it’s left justified and I’m working on the right side of my screen, I don’t necessarily look up there. If Finder could remember an adjusted column width or something like that, it would be a nice feature. But, certainly not a high-priority issue…

I think there are plans to put some “memory” functions into the finder so it keeps track of some changes or views you use. I think this is a nice one to add to the list.