Configuring Permissions Using Workflow

I read the Percussion forum document titled “Cascading Folder Permissions”,
, on using workflow rather than permissions to take advantage of inheriting folder permissions.

I have created a Role, Webmasters-Department1.
This role contains test account, webdepartment1.

I have created a Workflow, Workflow-department1.
This workflow grants access to site …/operations/department1 folder and subfolders.

When I login as webadmin and attempt to edit a page within the /department1 folder, I receive the error "You are not authorized to edit the page ‘index.’
I have not changed the default section configuration of All users may Write.

What am I missing?

Hi Annie,

I’d like to clarify that when you were logging in as “webadmin” you were logging in as the test account for the role and workflow that you had created(the account you created for the role Webmasters-Department1). If so, you will need to check and see what permissions were given to what workflow states (draft, review, approve, publish, archive) for the webdepartment1.

Here is a screen capture of what I mean. I have created a test workflow/user/role that mimics the info you’ve given me.

Hello Ben;
When I log in with account webdepartment1, this account’s only membership is within Webmasters-Department1.
Webmasters-Department1 role had the following:
Draft: Submit, Approve
Review-Dept: Submit, Reject, Approve

I just added:
Review: Reject, Approve

I still receive “You are not authorized to edit the page xxx.”
Anything else I should check?
Thank you.

Hi Annie,

If you could do me a favor and send me a screen cap of the info column on the particular page you’re looking at, that would be great.

Hi Ben;
Sorry for delay here. I just upgraded to the latest version of Percussion to ensure that was not the issue. I can confirm that the page in question does show the correct workflow, webmasters-Department1 and that its status is live.

I found the issue to the problem was that this role needs to be assigned to all steps of the workflow process.

Once I added ReSubmit and Approve permissions under the Approve role, the account webdepartment1 could then edit the page that was published previously (status=live) and approve it. I have other accounts that can then publish the approved pages.
Hope this helps,