Consistency issues with documentation on "How to Create a Blog"

Step number 9 should refer to all templates that include the blog LIST widget.

Steps 20 and 21 should be combined to say “Select the blog post from Assets in Finder…”

Step 22 only makes sense if you put the blog as a child of the site-root in step 7, AND have the navigation widget on the home page. (Neither of which is specified in this help topic)

These are minor fixes, but with all the details in blog gadget vs. blog list widget vs. blog post widget vs. blog index page vs. blog post page, etc. it’s nice to have precise details.

Even less pressing - the links to the blog post widget (…) and the blog list widget (…) do nothing but point back to the how to create a blog page. If possible, these pages could give more detail about how to use and configure these widgets.


Thank you for pointing this out. The team in charge of managing the help site has been alerted to the issues you have raised, and they will clarify the document shortly.


The help document has been updated. Thanks again, Mark.