Content Browser and Active Assembly

I am facing two minor problems.

  1. For some reason I cannot browse through my newly created site in the Content Browser. eg When I try to add snippets using Active Assembly Table Editor it opens up the Content browser but I cannot browse to my pages

  2. When I open up my page in Active Assembly to add snippets to the slots, I am unable to add snippets from here.

I know I am missing something very silly but still cant figure it out.

Check whether you provided description for the site, if not edit the site and add some description and try again, in AA.

Yes adding a description helped solve the first issue. Thanks

In the second case, when I attach my global template around the local it gives me the ability to add snippets in AA…if I dont attach global template around local then I cannot add snippets
Is that how it works?

If you are not using the global template, then you have to add active assembly page macros to the local template to make it Active Assemblable. Check the AA Help on how to add these macros.


A better place to look is the Rhythmyx Implementation Guide (Version 6.6 link). Specifically, see “Implementing a Page Template Without a Global Template”, p. 183.


That was very helpful thanks again