Content browser error

When we try to add an inline template into an editlive field, we get an error when trying to browse folders under ‘Sites’ tab. We cannot expand folders, error message below:

Message: An assert statement failed.
The method dojo.lang.assert() was called with a ‘false’ value.

Here’s the assert message:
Type mismatch: dojo.lang.assertType() failed.
Line: 2677
Char: 1
Code: 0

Any ideas how to fix this?

We are using IE8 in compatibility mode.

We observed this error when there is no description provided for the site.
Make sure to have the description on the site you are trying to expand.
Go to Content Explorer and click on Publishing tab and edit the site and add description.

Thanks for your respone.

I saw that on another thread but it didn’t help with our problem.

We’ve fixed it now, ALL sites have to have a description, not just the one you are trying to expand.