Content Browser Popup issues using Firefox on Windows 7

I’m not able to add an inline link or an image in Edit Live field using Firefox after Java 7 Update. Content Browser pop up isn’t showing up at all. Any one having this issue?

I’m using Firefox 18 and Java SE 7 U9



Which version of CM System are you using? Which platform are you on (Windows, Mac OS X, other)? Have you tried another browser?

I’m using 7.1, and my platform is Windows 7. IE and Chrome seems fine. But some of our Editors are used to Firefox and requested a fix for this issue.


Firefox might be limiting the java applet as it probably expects Java 7 Update 11 (as anything less has security issues). So the solution may be to update java on the client.

After Update to 11 the issue is resolved. Thanks Jitendra!


Wow, Java continues to have troubles. Noticed this message over the weekend

Looks like that issue is for Java 7 update 10 versions. Update 11 seems to be fine.