Content Explorer performance: long sessions and complex content items

We are getting CE performance issues particularly in long sessions creating complex items. By a complex item, I mean one into which a significant number of variants/templates have been inserted in the EditLive! fields, usually in the one session.

Typically, the issue is resolved by restarting the browser and/or the client PC. Occasionally, of course, and especially if the user is confident doing such things, CE issues can be fixed by deleting the Java application files via the Java Control Panel.

Of course, creating complex items is something that the heavy users tend to do most, and hence there can be issues among the key user group.

I currently perceive this as a client rather than a server issue. Can anyone relate to this experience?

What version of Rx and what patch level are you using? Check this by going to Help > About in the Cx.

What version of the JRE are the clients using? Are there more than one installed? Having more than one version of the JRE is known to cause various issues. If you do have more than one, try uninstalling the oldest versions.

Do you notice any errors in the java console window? Errors in general may cause performance issues, but java heap errors specifically in the java console would indicate client side memory issues.

If you are experiencing java heap errors, try adding an -Xmx parameter to the Java control panel > Java tab > click View under Java Applet Runtime Settings > Java Runtime Parameters. -Xmx128m is probably enough to start with, but the limit will depend on the available memory on the client. I keep mine set to -Xmx256m.

Hi David

Have you seen the current patch list?

RX-14165 - Cx ‘locks up’ after creating/editing several items throughout the day while publishing all day long

Might be worth contact technical support and get them to send over the latest version.


Thanks for the suggestions. We’ll follow these up.

We are on 6.5.2 build 200710P01 (3203) [RX-13307]

Client Javas vary a bit but are generally recent releases of version 6.