Content Migration

We just bought Rhythmyx 6.6 CMS. Currently our sites are managed using Vignette. Our site has around 4000 pages with multiple content types on each page.
Our basic requirement is to migrate the content from Vignette to Percussion CM system. I was wondering if any one ever performed an Automated or Semi-Automated Content Migration between Vignette to Percussion or between any two different CM Systems.
Does any one have any thoughts on how we can approach this problem?


Ask Percussion about the PSO Batch Import Tool. It uses XML and web services to create content.

We’re working on a migration of a PHP/MySQL, homegrown CMS into Rhythmyx this summer (a little larger than your site).

It’s not that hard with the batch importer, once you get the hang of it.

We’re currently on 6.5.2, but I’ll be testing the batch importer against 6.6 later this week.

Thanks VtDarrell,

I hope Batch Import tool does work well with Vignette to Percussion.