Content not appearing overseas

Has anyone had a problem displaying content on their site in other regions around the globe? For example, we have an image rotation script running on our home page. People can see the rotation in our USA offices but NOT in our Asia and Middle East offices. The general public can see the pages fine so it sounds to me like a company network issue. We have tried opening all ports on the network for the site and still have the issue. Any thoughts / suggestions are welcome.

Hi Jerome,

My first thought as to your image banner not displaying in other countries would be that this might have something to do with this particular content being served up by your DTS server on port 9980. Could there be some local or regional networking policy blocking that port (or a larger port range which includes that port)?

It would be interesting if you could ask one of your contacts at one of these offices to download Firebug for Firefox, enable it, select the “Net” tab, and observe the status of all connections made to “”.

For example, this is what I see when the connection is successful (note the 200 OK status for

Thanks Nathaniel. I’ll get our IT group to give this a try and see what we can see.