Controlling an edition with a pre-edition task

Hi all,

I have a question from Promethean regarding pre-edition tasks. They would like to use a batch file to determine whether or not an edition will run.

I have a pre-edition task which calls a DOS batch file. Within this batch file it does some processing to determine whether the edition should actually run.

What I want the batch file to do is return whatever it is that the sys_editionCommandTask is looking for so that if I don’t have “Continue on Failure” checked, then the edition content lists will not run.

How should I go about doing this?

I’ve asked to see the batch file and the answer which was provided to me is as follows:

echo Start chain >> emp\start_chain_log.txt
exit /b 0

I think I read that if you run ‘exit /b’ it will break out of the command processor and return an error code, but that didn’t seem to work either. I tried 0 and -1.

Any thoughts?