Convert a regular content node of NavOn to a nav proxy node


$mynavnode = $user.psoNavTools.findNavNodeForFolder("26315")

$mynavnode is a regular content node, it is not a nav proxy node: the extra nav attributes are missing. Is there a way to convert the regular content node to the nav proxy node, so to have the attributes like axis/depth and etc?

Thanks, Hua

Here is a little trick to get hold of this. Add the macro to your User Velocity Macros and then just call it in you template before you need it, usually just best to put it at the top. If you are on an upgraded server from 5.x your template name may be different.

#initslot(“rffNav” “template=NavonLink”)##
#if($sys.currentslot.relresults.size() > 0)##
#set($nav = $sys.currentslot.relresults.get(0).getBindings().get(’$nav’) )

Thanks sbolton for the answer. I have been using that macro in our templates. What macro #get_navon_node() does is populating $nav to the nav proxy node with $nav.self pointing to the current navon associated with the current landing page

What I really like is that given a regular content node/item of content type rffNavon returned from $user.psoNavTools.findNavNodeForFolder("{folder_id}"), convert it to something like the above $nav, having all the properties of a nav proxy node, like self/axis/depth/etc, with $nav.self pointing to the navon returned from $user.psoNavTools.findNavNodeForFolder("{folder_id}")

Thanks, Hua

Can someone from Percussion answer this one? I’ve found myself with the same problem. I want to get the properties of the navon for a piece of content that is assembled by a snippet template. I can get the navon as a regular node via the the PSO folder and nav tools, but the nav proxy properties are what I actually want to access.