Convert content item to XML

Is there any API to convert a content item into XML format?
I can do it either from the template or a Java extension.



You can build an XML application that outputs the Content Item as an XML file. For details, in the CM System Workbench online Help, see the section “XML Server Online Help”.


I could not locate the xml server help online from the Workbench help. I went to the Workbench – Help – Help contents and did the search. It did not come up with anything.

In the table of contents, see the last section, “Maintaining XML Applications”


Following the step built an XML Template document that has the definition of the content type like what are the fields in the Database, their types etc.

What we are looking for was the actual data of the content items to be published as an XML document, not the definition of the content type in the xml.


I think the cleanest and simplest way to do this would be to use a Velocity template to generate the XML file. Is there any reason that you are looking to the API for this?