Copy and paste wizard

Does anyone have any information on using the copy and paste wizard in 5.7? We can copy all the content and navigation and paste it as new content but we then have to undo any inline relationships to images or custom html as they are still pointing to the original content items. Should this work in this way or should it create new relationships? If anyone is using this fnction successfully please let me know :slight_smile:

When using the Site Cloning wizard, and choosing “Copy content as new copy”, links between items on the original site should be cloned to new links between the corresponding items on the cloned site.

But what if you are copying a sub folder from one site into another site but there are inline links to other content items that arent part of the folder being copied?

Hope that makes sense!

The relationships are cloned, but the dependent of the relationship for both the original item and the clone will be the same item.