Copy existing templates to make additional templates CMS 2.11

I watched the video at this link as stated in a similar topic.

However, the only option when I select Percussion Templates is Base. Do I need to do something to add a category and then add my templates to it.


The Percussion Templates drop-down should display, in addition to the Base option, all of the sites you have in CM1. There are no additional steps required to populate that menu. An obvious first test would be to logout of CM1, clear your browser cache, and then log back in and attempt this again. If that doesn’t help at all, I will create a support ticket so we can look into this further.

For the time being, an easy workaround would be to export and then import the template you want to copy, which will create a new template of the same name with a “(1)” appended to the name (which you can rename). To do this, select the template you want to copy, hit Actions > Export, download the XML template to your local machine, and then select Actions > Import, and upload the XML template file back into CM1.

Nice, clearing the cache worked! Thanks :slight_smile:

No problem; I’m always happy to help.

We have version 3.0.5 and are experiencing a similar problem. We wanted to copy a template as we have done in the past. However, there are no templates options to drop down in Design, just the custom templates from our site and no visible way to copy a template. When we tried the export/import, the new template had no header or footer content and the regions were duplicated several times. How do you copy a template?

Hi Alanda,

For the sake of clarity and complete troubleshooting, I’m going to walk you through the process in which I took to copy a template.

1.When you login and see your dashboard, go ahead and select admin:design from your dashboard.

  1. When all the sites housed within your CM1 instance have loaded, double click on the site.

  2. Within the work space you should should see all templates created within that site. On the toolbar you will see “action”, “view”, and “import summary”. Go ahead and select “action” and then click add template on the drop down.

  3. You’ll see two options enter page URL from existing site or Percussion templates. Go ahead and select Percussion Templates and in the drop down box underneath it select your site that your trying to copy a template from.

  4. Click on the template you want to copy and hit save. In your work space should be a copy of that template.

You can also double click on the new template and rename it!

Let me know if this helps!