Correct CM1's browser title for each pages

Currently, there is NO way to check the live page after you just published a page (see my idea here), I had to hold down “Back” button on Chrome to go to live site (screenshot attached).

However, I noticed you have couple of “Web Management”. I was thinking you should add something else such as “Web Management - Edit Content”, “Web Management - Page Close”, “Web Management - Page Approved”, etc.

Just an idea…

This one is hard for me to tell which page I just edited… If I knew correct page title, I would’ve known right away.


Any progress on this?

This is hard to figure out what page you’re working on - see screenshot attach:

I figured it will be easier to have something like:

OLD: Web Management
NEW: Edit Community Education

OLD: Web Management
NEW: Administration

OLD: Web Management
NEW: Publish

Something like that.

Hi Aaron,

This is a really good callout. We’ve already addressed this in the new publishing UI, and as we move forward into 8.0 development, we will be make those changes across the rest of the platform as well.


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Awesome. Can’t wait…