Create new CSS theme from inside CM1 instead of uploading an outside document via the server

Is it possible to create a new CSS theme from inside CM1, or do I have to upload an outside document via the server?

Currently, CM1 only allows you to upload existing CSS files (and other design related files) from the “Design” Tab in the Finder. However, you can always choose Percussion Theme for your Template, and use the “Override Theme CSS” to manually add/create CSS rules from within the user interface.

A couple of things to keep in mind: In the root of your Theme Folder, you should have only one CSS file. If you put more than one CSS file in the root, the system will automatically pick the first file alphabetically. If you need to reference more than one CSS file, you can add them into a directory like “/css” in your theme folder and reference the additional CSS files from your main CSS using an import statement.

Thank you however, once on the “Design Tab” I see no way to upload an existing CSS and according to Daved and your help files, this has to be done separate.

Thanks, I will work with our Sys Admin on getting a CSS updated. For validation purposes and also to maintain control, I will want everything in a CSS and no in-line styles or styles in the head tag. However, I can design by using the override option and then update a main css file every so often.

I look forward to having more control over this later this year, as this is a huge part of designing a website and look forward to CM1 creating an easier process.

I design the same way, currently. I like to use the Override to test and tweak styles until I get it to where I need. After that, I add the CSS definitions to my CSS file and upload it into the Theme through Design in Finder.

Another thing to note is that there is a Design in Finder and Design in CM1 menu. In the Design in CM1 Menu, you edit the templates. Design through finder is for managing theme files. The little Gear button on the CM1 toolbar in the upper right corner of Finder is how you download and upload the CSS files through Finder. The video tutorial shows it in action.

Sorry Daved, I see no gear icon.

So you’re saying that through this gear I can upload an updated CSS file? And I don’t have to do it through the server/FTP?

If you watch the video here…, at about 52 seconds in, it shows the Design in Finder browsed through and goes the process of downloading and uploading a CSS file through Finder. This is available from CM1 release 2.4 forward.

This will be a great feature in the future.

The upload & download editing method exists currently in 2.4. I agree that the ability to edit CSS in CM1 would be a nice addition, though.

Currently, CM1 supports updating and managing CSS in two ways:

  1. The recommended approach is to upload the CSS into the Theme through Design in Finder. This keeps all the theme files in the web_resources directory. There is no way to edit the CSS or theme files directly in CM1 at this time. You can, however, download them from the theme, edit them, and upload them back in.…

  2. You can also use the Style tab at the Template design to add styles directly to the template in the “Override Theme CSS” tab. This creates the styles on the page, though, in a tag in the head of the page. This is useful for small overrides when you need to change one or two classes on the page/template level. Because this is not an external CSS file, it’s not recommended for large amounts of CSS. You can see info on this at the bottom of this page:…

At this time, there is no way to edit the theme components directly in CM1, though some updates will be coming to the Theme and Design components of CM1 later this year.