Create Translation - any way to change which folder the new item is placed in?

I’m working with the Create Translation action (out of the box), and am wondering - is there any way to provide a parameter or expression to control what folder the new item is put in? By default, it puts the new item into the current item’s (i.e. parent item’s) folder.


This is only partly true.

If the parent folder has a translation relationship with another folder whose locale matches the locale of the newly translated item, the item will be added to that folder instead.

Normally, these translation relationships are created by “translating” the folder (usually at the site folder root level) after careful configuration of the “cloning” settings in the translation, folder and active assembly relationships.


Dave -
Can you point me to the specifics on how to config the cloning settings to make this work? (assuming there is documentation of this?)



I don’t believe that there’s any one document that describes the process, although most of this information is explained in various places in the documentation.

First thing you must do is understand what relationships are in use in your site, and how you want the items in those relationships to appear in the translated site. For example, do you want images that exist in new original site to be “copied” to the new site, or just “linked” to the new site.

This controlled by the “deep” and “shallow” cloning settings. You’ll want to make sure that anything you want to be “copied” is “deep cloned” while anything you want “linked” is “shallow cloned”.

One thing that easy to overlook: the cloning settings are set on the “target” relationship (e.g. Active Assembly) and the condition uses the “originating” relationship (e.g. Translation).

Another thing you must do is turn off (by setting a condition such as “1=2” that will never be true) the NavFolderEffect in the folder relationship. When you translate a site, it will also translate the navigation, and if you have the NavFolderEffect turned on, it will try to modify the navigation while the cloning is going on. The result is a big mess, so turn off the NavFolder effect before translating and turn it back on again after translating.

Lastly, remember that ANY change you make to relationship configuration takes effect at the next server restart.

I hope this helps


Thanks very much, Dave. I will take a look at this and see if we want to go through this configuration for our implementation. Our business requested the folders as “nice to have”, rather than critical, so we may not need to proceed with it.