Created edition that only publishes files that have changed since last publish

Is there a way to create an edition to only publish files that have changed since the last publish? We have incremental set-up but it seems to publish most of the site everytime even if only a few items have changed. I was hoping to write a JSR-170 fxn in The design tab to compare the last modified date to the last published date. I was getting errors running the function in the jsr-170 test page…any ideas?


The case you describe is what incremental publishing is intended to do.

Incremental publish does a couple of things that could results in a larger set of pages being published than you might expect.

First, an incremental publish republishes all pages that include an autoslot, to ensure that the Slot contents are up to date. If you include autoslots on a lot of pages, all of those pages will be republished each time you run an incremental Edition.

Second, when you modify a Content Item, we touch all parent Content Items to ensure that they are up to date with the latest changes. If one of the pages you modify is an Active Assembly Dependent in several Relationships, all of the Owners will be touched and thus will be republished in the next incremental.