Creating a secure site access error page

How can I create a page for members trying to access sections of our secured site they don’t have memebrship to?

Currently I am logged in as a members for one section, but am trying to access another secured section and I recieve a Unknown Server Error page.

How can I redirect this to a branded page explaining how to get info on membership?

Hi Carrie,

That error page is the result of your server returning a 403 Forbidden response, which is essentially an accessed denied message coming from the server. By default, our DTS Tomcat reroutes all server error responses (404 Not Found being the most common) to a generic error page, which exists at the root of your published site and is named “error.html”.

My recommendation would be to create a general error page in CM1 at this very location (in the same root folder as your homepage) named “error.html”, and in this page house some simple text communicating to the site visitor that either the page they are attempting to access does not exist, or that they do not have the proper group permissions to access it. Once this page has been created, publish it out so that it replaces the existing “error.html” page.

At this point, any users that logs in and tries to access a page that they don’t have the proper permissions for will see this friendly error page, instead of the generic “Unknown Server Error” page.

I published a 404 error page to the same directory as the home page. I tried naming it error per the tutorial and error.html. I can display it on the server, but it does not replace the default page.

This is a great conversation that’s separate from the main topic, so I created a new topic to continue the discussion. Please reference the new topic here: Creating 404 error page