creating downloadable file items

We are uploading files for press - images, videos, etc. We can upload to our server as a binary item, and we can reference the link to that file. For most things (images, videos, docs) the file will open in its target window. I’d just as soon have it “download” but that’s OK for now.

The problem is files like flv’s - ordinarily a link to a flv would open a download box, but I get a link do a “render” statement.

in bindings: $link assigned to: $rx.location.generate($sys.assemblyItem, “ciBnBinary”)
in snippet code: href="$link"

Anyone have experience with this one?

I’m not sure I understand your question. What are you trying to do with your .flv files? Ordinarily, you wouldn’t want to have a link directly to an .flv file, but rather you would refer to your .flv file in an embed tag with a SWF player so you could play the movie on the web page (like JWPlayer, JCPlayer, etc). Now, doing this has some tricks w/ respect to Active Assembly, and there is another thread here about that, but before I get into that, I wanted to understand what you are doing.


I would like to have some assets available for 3rd party (press!) download - images, docs, video … and video in flv format. Some of the asset types (image, mov, mp3) just open in a browser window. Flv movies do not.

Even when I upload the asset as a zip file, “”, I get a download dialog - which has me download something renamed to “”.

Any ideas?

Ah… I see. The reason this happens is that FLV is a proprietary format which can only be played directly by Adobe Products or a really full-featured video players, like VLC media player, for example. A “normal” user will likely not have these products, which is why it doesn’t play directly from your browser. If you want the users to be able to play an FLV directly, they would have to right-click and do a Save As or install a player which player FLV, but like I said, FLV files are not likely going be readable for most people. I’m not sure if you have creative staff who produce your multimedia content, but if so, the most useful thing is have them produce a version of the movie in a codec most people can use like WMV,QuickTime,etc.


True. I for one do download flv’s from other sites. And sad to say am still expected to have flv’s available for others who want to slip them easily in their site without conversions, etc. May have to stick to zip.

Meanwhile, even the xls files download as “render.xls” and I am not sure how to force a different name. At least they download!

Even xls? That is strange. I produce my links to binary files the same way, with rx.location.generate and they work normally. Do they behave this way both in preview and after publishing? I could understand this maybe happening in preview, because the link is using Percussion’s internal framework, but after you publish, provided you have a location scheme which names the files correctly, it shouldn’t be a problem in production.

Ah, that’s probably it! Was looking in preview.