Creating Filter to NOT select items that have never been moved to Public

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Webster Financial Corporation had the following question:

Our content editors have reported (and I have confirmed) that when creating a new content item and setting it to Dev or Staging states, and publishing to Production/Public, these new items also get published. Changes to these items are published, too, unless the item is moved to the Public state and then published. After that’s done, behavior reverts to normal, and the item can be returned to dev/staging state without changes being pushed to Prod.

It seems like when an item is put into Public and published, then returned to a different state, the system “remembers” the last revision of the item that was sent to Public, and keeps publishing that until the Public state is set on a new revision. This is correct. But it seems like this behavior doesn’t work for items that have never had a public revision – the content list selects the item to be published anyway, even if it’s in dev or staging state.

The content list for publishing public content to proeduction is using a filter called ‘public’ that contains two rules:

sys_publicFilter (no params)
sys_filterByPublishableFlag ( sys_flagValues=y,i )

I can’t find any documentation on either of these, since I’m guessing the logic I describe above comes from one of these two rules.

I am looking for a way to make the filter NOT select items from Dev/Staging that have never been moved to the Public state.

They basically want to make a filter that only selects items that have never been moved to a public state. I was just wondering if this is possible at all. Any help would be appreciated.

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