Is there a way of trimming this file down? Ours is huge.
I’m sure there must be some settings somewhere.


This file exists because you have tracing turned on for that application (cru_support_auto). You should not run with tracing enabled unless you are actively debugging a problem, so I would recommend that the first step is turning it off.

This is done in the workbench. In 6.x, open the “XML Server” view, and right click on the application. Select the “debugging…” entry in the menu. Ensure that the “Enable Tracing” box is NOT checked. In 5.x, the tracing menu is accessed from the “Options / Debugging” entry in the top menu of the application window (once you have opened the application in the 5.x workbench).

After you have done this, you can safely delete this file, and it should never come back again.


We were looking into a problem quite a few months ago and it seems we must have left this tracing on.
Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.