CSS and Browser compatibility

We’ll be posting tools, charts, experiences and other stuff we find about how to do certain CSS to deal with the fact that certain browsers do not fully support the latest CSS (that IE sucks).

Here’s the first useful link to start us off, thanks Paul!


Awesome thread.

I looked at a preview of one of my pages using IE 6 on windows 2k the other day… It was ugly. Basically everything to the right of the “leftside” div wrapped so you had to scroll down to see anything more than the school logo and left-side navigation.

Like I said. Ugly.

Check these out:

Read the memories


Also, on a more useful note:

IE6 usage is down to 6% - yeah!!!

(also note the screen resolution usage there, 1024 x768 is still pretty dominant)

More links:

Yeah, I’m all about dumping support for IE6 myself, but it’s hard to argue that to our University Relations department. If 6% of the population sees a busted website, then we’ll get calls and emails from every one of them saying our website’s busted, which makes us look bad.

I don’t want to argue to the Dr. Blanchard (President of GSW) that we allowed the site to go live like that because “Internet Explorer 6 is dead”. I’d at least like to give compatibility a fair shot so I have some ammo when I’m called on the carpet.

Here’s another resource for checking compatibility across different browsers, including different versions of IE, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Safari: http://www.quirksmode.org/css/contents.html.

It’s not quite as comprehensive in terms of CSS features, but it does encompass a broader array of browsers.