CSS loading in wrong order

I’ve noticed that I have to use !important a lot in my stylesheets due to Percussion loading my CSS wrong. I’ve included all of my stylesheets in the order they need to be loaded but Percussion loads my themes default stylesheet before everything else is loaded. I need it loaded last. Is there a way to change this?


For every projects I worked on under Percussion, I removed Percussion’s stylings but made it barebone (meaning removing css property values, etc.) and it worked just fine on our new site. But that might be different than what you are having trouble with.

Yeah it is. I’m not having issues with their styling. My style.css is running before the bootstrap.min.css due to the way they are loading the file. So my styles that I wrote in style.css is being overwritten by bootstrap.min.css.

You’ll need to place your style AFTER the boostrap css.

if you place it before bootstrap, some will be overwritten

That’s the problem. I don’t have control over where it’s placed. Percussion auto adds it at the very top.

I see what you mean. The way I did was … to compile SCSS (or LESS or whatever) files into one CSS file and place it in there since I know I do not have any control. Try this approach.

I actually just started converting our CSS file into SCSS so that I could use variables to control our colors. Thanks for the suggestion on compiling it all together. Are you compiling the generic bootstrap css or bootstrap less files?

Not bootstrap but I used http://bourbon.io/ and http://neat.bourbon.io/

Unfortunately, there is no way to manually control the order that the CSS is loaded at this time.