CSS Override Issues

I’m not sure if I’m experiencing a bug or if I’m just doing something completely wrong.

I haven’t used the “Override Theme CSS” very much in the past (can’t remember the last time). I’m trying to make an override of a theme as I want this to fix across the theme only but not the entire website.

As an example, I added the following to the “Override Theme CSS” tab on the template.

h3 {
color: #112d54 !important;
text-transform: uppercase !important;
font-weight: bold !important;

Saved. Didn’t show the changes on the preview. Published page…no luck. Full Published the site… no luck. Here is a page that uses that template: https://dickinsonstate.edu/about/. Looking to bold, color, capitalize the headings like “About DSU” on that page.

Am I doing something wrong or is there an obvious reason this feature wouldn’t be working?

We had an outside design team for the initial design so the override would be a perfect band-aid fix for us so we don’t break any other styling by accident.

Hi Josh,

I checked that about page and could not find your styling anywhere. It is definitely possible that there is a problem with the theme override feature - I will take some time to look further into the issue and will get back to you with an update.

Romario Mato
Customer Success Engineer

Do I need to create a ticket for this?


Hello Josh,

I will go ahead and create the ticket with the description you added and will continue to investigate the issue.

Romario Mato
Customer Success Engineer

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