Css problem - not being updated on publish

We have a problem. We are working in a website, but we replace the css file. the website doesn’t work with the new css file. How could replace the file?

We have tried with: delete and upload again; override the css of template.

I send you the images

Hi Jose,

There can be a number of reasons why your css is not working on your site. To determine what the issue is we will need more details about the css files you are trying to apply to your site.

Can you first tell me the name and location of the css file that your site is currently using?

Also can you tell me the name of the css file you are trying to replace the current css with and the steps you took to replace the current file with new css file?

Thank you,

I send you the information about the step by step we did.

step 1:1) The template is located in /Design/web_resources/themes/english-corner /english-corner_theme.css

Step 2: Second, I did new changes in the file, I replaced the file: english-corner_theme.css

Step 3: then, I saw the website in Admin percussion, it is ok.

Step 4: but when I change the URL to http://cms-site.inacap.cl/English-Cor… (this is production envieroment)

And then, I check to the source, I see to old styles css file. The problem is the website haven’t the new css

step 6:the “tabla-principal” id have old css file, because the website has max-width: 960px; and the new file has width: 1200px;


Have you tried running a full site publish after you updated the CSS file?

If you have not already done so, run a full site publish. This will publish your new CSS file to you Production site at http://cms-site.inacap.cl.

The issue your running into is you updated your CSS file in cm1 but your live site still is using the older CSS file (this is why your are not seeing the new CSS rules being applied to your page). Once you run a full publish CM1 will update your Web_resources folder with the updated files.

A good tip to remember is that CM1 is a decoupled CMS so that means the changes you make in CM1 will not affect your live site until a publish is performed. Also remember that the web_resources folders content will get updated on a full site publish.

I did it. We publlished again the website, but the new css file no appear.

I tell you that if we override the css, not work yet.

Does CMS have cache?

Hi Armani.
our website is working correctly. We had reboot the server, and change the css file.


After publishing the issue should of been resolved. Did you perform an instant publish or a full site publish?

If you did run a full site publish some of your old css could of been Cache. Did you try using inspect element to see if the css was being applied to your pages?

We did the following:
we run full Publishing. But, the website not change the css. In the depeloment enviorement work correctly and the production enviroment not show.

Then , we reboot the server and after that, the new css appear in the website in production enviroment.

In this moment, we haven’t problem.


Great, Glad it is working now, I just want to make sure everything is working properly so that you can avoid this issue in the future.

So the Css file was updated after you rebooted the server is that correct? Can you try making a change to the css and running a full publish to see if the changes are being made after a publish.