Curved quote vs straight quote issue

I have a big concern about MS Word especially the “curved” quotes which does not support well with HTML especially mobile. Here’s the screenshot: The first line I copied from MS word (see ). The 2nd line I typed is from Widget. I found a solution from… and is there something you guys can check it out?


Another great suggestion. We just rolled out responsive templates a little while back, and we are always looking for feedback to help improve performance and the formatting of content.

Currently the WYSIWYG editor utilizes TinyMCE. So potentially down the road as we continue to refine & improve our product one possibility may be as you suggested. The other may be if TinyMCE has any changes to that impact this functionality we may utilize that and roll that into our system.



Thank you for getting back to me. Actually, I don’t mean Percussion’s own responsive framework, I used my own custom responsive framework (using

Is it something you guys can look over ASAP? We signed up Percussion a while back and we wanted to get this site live by end of March or April but with this persistence issue, we’d hate to delay the site. Thanks!

Hi Aaron,

Percussion’s implementation of TinyMCE is geared towards keeping the amount of custom overrides to a minimum. I tested the quotes on the current version of TinyMCE here: with the same result as you reported. We can submit it to TinyMCE and see if they will address it.


Sadly, to me, there’s still no “real” solution out there that completely covers handling MS Word’s trash formatting when converting over to valid HTML. Probably be best to go about researching the available WYSIWYG editor’s out there, or find possible plugins that best handle such a conversion… not sure, but TinyMCE may not be the best at this anymore. I’ll try to do some research and find out what’s the “leader” in terms of this these days. Our users use MS Word for everything, and often need to transfer that content over into the WYSIWYG editor…


If you’re going to do some research, you could help me out immensely by checking out Barley. :wink:
I’ve looked at it from a functional perspective, and it is a beautiful inline editor.  I haven’t looked at it from a technical perspective or to make sure its robust, but considering it for the future as either a replacement for or in addition to TinyMCE.  

Dan, sure thing. I’ve heard of it, but thought it was more or less a standalone CMS. didn’t know they allowed their inline editor to be used by third parties?

In addition to being standalone, they currently serve as a plugin to WP and Drupal.  They have a developer license that would allow us to license and integrate it.  

ah gotcha. will check it out then. we have an internal .net application that our counselors use to create printable PDF catalogs for the schools via a WYSIWYG editor that’s pretty lacking…as all they really want to do is copy/paste MS Word content and it never turns out quite right. Due to Barley being inline, I wonder if its ease of use will outweigh their issues with copying/pasting from MS Word. Will let you know what we determine.