custom content not appearing in search.


We added a custom image type, erau_image, and it is not appearing in when do the advance search from the ephox control (insert inline image).

erau_image is visible to the community according to the workbench under the ‘Visible Searches’ folder.

Is there some other configuration other that is need to make our erau_image content type appear in the advance search?

Does our erau_image need to be in the sys_inline_image folder under Assembly Design in the workbench?


Did you add your new image content type to the sys_inline_image slot?

That did the trick, Thanks!

At first I was trying to just drag and drop our new content type into the sys_inline_image slot with the workbench.

However, to added new items to the slot you must double click on it and use the dropdown under the Allowed content area in which you select the populate the content_type and template fields in the table.

As I brought up here…

…it seems unnecessary that you have to add newly created content types to every slot that might need it, especially when templates are already associated with a list of allowed content types.