custom controls mysteriously sticking around

On my dev environment, I am overriding the sys_CheckBox control. Something wasn’t working right, so I got rid of the override by deleting it from rx_resources/stylesheets/rx_Templates.xsl.

I restarted the server, but my broken version of the control is still there and won’t go away. Is there somewhere else I need to clear it out from?

I tried copy-and-pasting the sys_Templates.xsl version of the control into rx_Templates.xsl, and I got the error that there were two versions of the same control with the same priority. But there was only one in the file. So it was like it was still seeing the old one I had had in there, too.

Meanwhile, I put a non-overriding custom control in and then took it out, and that one seems to be sticking around too. I can create an ‘rx_SingleCheckBox’ control, even though there is no longer one defined in the rx_Templates.xsl file.

I needed to restart the Workbench to see changes to the custom controls there. Just restarting the server wasn’t enough. So that explains why my custom control wasn’t going away.

In addition, it is using the sys version of sys_SingleCheckBox, but it doesn’t seem to be working for some reason. That’s why I thought my override version was still hanging around.

I compared sys_Templates.xsl with the one in production, and they’re identical. But for some reason, sys_SingleCheckBox is failing to save anything to its database column.

Just figured out why the control wasn’t saving any values: I was failing to select ‘text’ as the data type. It was defaulting to boolean. I don’t know if this has always been the standard behavior, or if I caused it by messing with the control.