Custom Error Page Stops Working

I created a custom error page. After first publishing the page, it works for a while, but then I will visit the page at a later date to find it is no longer working. If I republish the page it will remain active, but only for a limited time. Any ideas as to what could be causing this?

Hi Brian,

By no longer working, do you mean it’s reverted back to the original “Unknown Server Error” page? Or are you seeing a generic Tomcat 404 page? You haven’t renamed the error page to anything other than “error.html” (you would have to update your web.xml file as well to have gotten this to work), have you? I would also be sure that your error.html page is always approved when running a full site publish.

I believe it’s the generic error page. The error page is titled error.html, but I have not edited the web.xml file Where would we edit the web.xml file, and what would we edit on it?

Hi Brian,

If it the original “Unknown Server Error” page is appearing, that means CM1 is overwriting your custom error.html page with the default placeholder error page. If a generic Tomcat 404 page is appearing, that would indicate that your error.html page is being removed from your server altogether. (I’ve added a screenshot of both error pages below.)

If this happens again, please take a quick screenshot of the error page so we can narrow down the source of this issue, and also ask your server admin to take a look at your site’s root directory to see whether or not your error.html page is present. Thanks!

Default placeholder error page:

Tomcat 404 page:

Hi Nathaniel,

The error page we are getting is the default placeholder error page. What can I do problem solve this?

Thank you,



Thanks for clarifying that. It sounds like your custom error.html page is being overwritten. My first recommendation would be to ensure that your custom error.html page inside of Percussion is in either the Live or Pending workflow state before every full site publish. If you can confirm that it is, and yet your file is still being overwritten when running a full site publish, then we’ll have to take a closer look into what might be going wrong here.