Custom Format TinyMCE Menu Item Missing

Hi! Ever since we last patched, our custom formats have no longer been selectable in the TinyMCE menu. At first I thought this was because the formats had been overwritten by the patch, but it turns out that even the default formats are not selectable in the menu. I found this out because the formats are showing up in the browser JavaScript console log. Is there a setting that was switched off? Here is the current TinyMCS configuration as logged in the console:

Thanks for any advice!

Sorry, the console code resulted in an error 403 when I tried to post it here.


Can you create a support ticket on

Hi Joseph,

This is a known issue (CMS-7514) which has been fixed and will be included in the 8.0.3 update. We should also be able to change the required javascript files as a quick fix. I will get back to you on this soon.

Romario Mato
Customer Success Engineer

Hi Joseph,

Sorry for the late reply on this. To fix the issue -

1.) Open the Percussion\jetty\base\webapps\Rhythmyx\WEB-INF\lib\ folder and find the perc-tinymce-.jar file

2.) Open the jar using 7zip or a similar tool

3.) Extract this file below (leave the 7zip window open):

4.) Edit the default_config.json file and find the “toolbar” entry. Add styleselect to the list of items next to that entry.

5.) Save the file and drag it over to the 7zip window to overwrite the default_config.json in the jar

6.) Restart the PercussionCMS service

Let me know if this works, and if you have any additional questions on this.

Romario Mato
Customer Success Engineer

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