Custom widget issues

I am not sure if this is a bug or intentional. I’ll explain and hopefully I make sense.

Before I explain below, we run auto full publish every morning at 4:15 a.m.

Let’s call a webpage “Informational”. On that “Informational” webpage (status is LIVE), it have two widgets and let’s call it “Widget A” and “Widget B”.

In Percussion EDIT mode for “Informational”, I’ve decided to remove “Widget A” and add “Widget C” and begin adding contents.

I did not click Submit/Approve or Instant Publish but instead I click CLOSE so I can resume editing the next day.

Next day, I noticed the live “Informational” page have the missing Widget A but have Widget B. Widget C isn’t there on LIVE version.

I checked the Percussion page status and it said “Quick Edit” (not LIVE or DRAFT or PENDING).

Why is this happening? I tried to do revision history, unfortunately, it doesn’t revert back to previous b/c I already removed the widget.

I’m on Version 5.3.15 Build 201608P05 (378) [5315_20180621] which we’ve yet upgraded to the latest patch. We hope to next week.

Thank you!

EDITED: I fixed the “have the missing Widget A” confusion part.