Customize fields shown for "Insert Rhythmyx Template" Search Results (in v6.5.2)

We’re using version 6.5.2

When you use Insert Rhythmyx Template (or inline link, or inline image), and perform a search, the results come back in a page /Rhythmyx/sys_searchSupport/getResults.html in the browser. On that page, it lists the Content Title, Checkout status, State, Content Type, and Site for each result.

My question is: Is there any way to customize what fields are shown there?

We use the sys_title as part of the URL for published pages, so we end up with a fair number of them named “index”, and without any additional fields to distinguish between them, it makes it harder to know which content item to select. I’d like to either add an additional column or modify the Content Title column to show additional information, if possible.


Yes, you can customize the fields returned by using a different Display Format for the Related Content Search. Out of the box, the search used for related content is RC_Search.

For details about creating custom Display Formats and associating them with Searches, see Customizing Content Explorer (Version 6.5.2 link). Specifically, see “Creating a Display Format”, p. 59, for creating custom Display Formats and “Maintaining Searches”, p. 65, for maintaining Searches.


Thanks, this solution led me to exactly what I was looking for. We can now see the name of the content item (based on a Shared field that is common to all our content items), and have much happier editors.