Customized Carousel

Percussion created a custom time line carousel for our site. However, we would like to use that same carousel in another site but are having trouble “copying” it. We have tried to take the code from the page and although it worked to a certain extent, there were still problems. Since this is a question needing customized help, can someone get back to us so that they can actually see how the carousel works and how we’d be able to copy that same carousel to another site.

Hi Raquel,

I’m not familiar with this particular customization work. Can clarify exactly how the carousel is breaking when you copy it over to a new page? Screenshots or sections of code that you’re using may be helpful.

If you’re looking to have someone on our end access your system and perform additional custom carousel implementation work, that would entail a paid services engagement of some type. Let me know if this is what you’re after and we can discuss this offline.

Hi Nathan, can you tell me what the fee would be?

Hi Raquel,

I’ll have someone reach out to you offline to address your question. Let me know if you don’t hear from someone on this in the next day or two.