Customizing the Editor Template

I’ve added some customization to the editor template, namely the addition of id and class attributes to the label element so that field labels can be styled. The default id and class parameters in the Parameter Control list only apply to the input element.

I updated the \sys_resources\stylesheets\singleFieldEdit.xsl, and activeEdit.xsl, and sys_Templates.xsl.

Are these all the files that need to be updated? I didn’t see anything in the commonEdit.xsl that needed to be updated.

Also, can you explain where the commonEdit.xsl and singleFieldEdit.xsl files appear?


activeEdit and singleFieldEdit xsl files along with sys_templates and rx_templates render the content editors at different places in system. rx_templates is meant for customization, modifications to any other file will not survive upgrades as they get overwritten.

commonEdit.xsl is not used any more. It is there for backward compatibility.
activeEdit.xsl is used for full content editor, that comes up when you click on Edit or Quick Edit menus from CX or Edit Content Item menu from Active Assembly Pages. singleFieldEdit.xsl is used for editing a single field from Active Assembly pages. The windows that come up when you click on a field or Edit Field menu in Active Assembly.

Thank you for the explanation.