Dashboard gadget that shows all currently running publishes in a CM1 instance

We have a large number of sites and users in our CM1 instance, and currently there is no way for users to know if another user is running a publish job. Due to this we are seeing more and more publishing delays as the system is overloaded. A dashboard gadget that shows current publishes would be a great reference tool for users to look at before running publishes. 

I could see where that would come in handy. 

Are your users publishing from the page or do they have access to publish the entire site and that’s how they are doing it?

I only ask because we have 100+ sitemasters and when I watch our log I can see at some times 15 publishes running at the same time but don’t see a decrease in performance.  My only decrease in performance is when I initiate a Full Site Publish and then they try to run a publish at the same time.

The issue for us arises from full site publish as well, we generally don’t see issues with incremental publishing. 

Okay.  How many people have access to Full Site publishing?  I’m only curious as I don’t want to give to many in the future and have the same issue.

Hi Doug,

You can use the Process Monitor gadget on the Dashboard to see the number of currently running publishes.  Let me know if this helps!


Hi Chris,

Thanks for letting me know about the Process Monitor, that is very useful. Are there any plans in the future to expand it with more details, at the minimum maybe which sites are currently being publishes?