Database Import Methods


Before I embark on the long and complicated process of using web services to write some code to import database from an external database, I was wondering if anyone has come up with an easier method?

I don’t mean baking external data into pages at the publish time with statements such as $rx.db.get() or $rx.doc.getDocument(). Nor creating an “internal lookup query” using an XML application, or any other method that would populate fields when an author creates a content item. I mean bulk importing - for example take 100 rows in a database table and create 100 content items, wholly or partially filling-in the fields of each content item with some or all of the values from the database columns.



I believe that PSO has a “batch importer” where you can export your database into a predefined xml spec and then import that as new Content Items using this tool.

Thanks Jitendra. But it seems there isn’t generic batch importer tool that can be installed and used without a “PSO engagement.”

It seems to me that a simple tool that can import simple sets of data, which have one-to-one relationships to content type fields, would be a good idea, and would cater for a large proportion of people’s needs. I’ve added a poll to the ideas forum: