Database Unpublishing in 6.7

I have an issue that every time we run a database unpublish it selects all the archived items, including the ones which have already been unpublished previously. With a normal unpublishing list it only selects items which are archived and exist on the site.

I’ve created my database unpublishing template with $db.action = “d”. My content lists selects all items and applies the “unpublish” filter, and specifies the unpublish template. It works fine.

Should I add an incremental filter to the list? In the past, I’ve always done full unpublishing since it should only select items which have been archived but not removed from the site, in effect it is an incremental selection since it’s last run.

I can’t see anything in the Rhythmyx_Implementation_Guide_Version_6_7.pdf that refers to database unpublishing. I guess the problem is that it is not removing the item from the psx_publication_site_item (f.k.a. rxsiteitems) table after it is unpublished.

Any ideas?