Debug Auto Index publishing?

Good Morning

We are having an issue where an auto index page will rpreview correctly, but will not publish. We have a series of index pages that render a list of a certain content type base on a year range. The other year ranges (2007, 2006…) all preview and publish correctly, but for some reason, 2008 previews and when i try to publish it, the server just hangs. All of the auto index years use the same auto index CT, and use the same template to render. the date range is defined on the auto index CT, and is applied to the slot query. Is there a way to trace the 2008 index to see if a specific snippet is causing the failure? I have put all the 2008 data in draft, with hopes of just trying to publish out an empty shell for 2008, but even that failed.

The slot query is:

select rx:sys_contentid, rx:src_creation_date, rx:displaytitle, rx:release_type, jcr:path from rx:secgovlitigationgeneral WHERE rx:src_creation_date <= :end_date AND rx:src_creation_date >= :start_date AND rx:release_type = 1 order by rx:src_creation_date DESC, rx:release_number DESC

where start_date and end_date are defined in the template.

We are on RX 6.5


Preview the page and change the sys_context parameter to 1 in the url and see whether it produces any errors on the page or console. If that works fine change the sys_itemfilter parameter to public if exists otherwise sys_authtype to 1 if that parameter exists. If there are any errors and if you can’t figure out, post them here.

The preview looks fine, and no errors appeared. it looks like it is an issue with the date range for some reason. If it is set from 2008-01-01 to 2008-12-31, it does not work. if i set it from 2008-01-01 to 2008-12-30, it works fine. the range to the 31st works on other auto index pages that compile different data, but is still based of the same basic query and template.