Default the Dashboard Gadgets for non-admin

Each time I create new account for non-admin users (contributor, editor, etc.), it would be so super useful not to include License Monitor because it’s really not necessary at all.

I need the ability to “pre-config” the non-admin account Dashboard page by including what is needed and what is not needed. 

Example: I would like to have Welcome box, Bulk Upload box and Pages of Status box by default, NOT LICENSE MONITOR, etc. :slight_smile:

@percussion - this dialog window can reset to default state. that default state should be the one I mentioned above (see green background with lots of green check icons?)

Hi Aaron,

We have work currently planned in the 5.4 release that will give you more control over the Gadgets that are allowed for a given Role.  Essentially there will be an “Allowed Gadgets” option on the Role editor.  Only Gadgets that are allowed will be available. 

The License Gadget will be getting a special treatment in that it will only be available if a user is in an Admin role.

This request is a little different in that, in addition to what’s available, you want to configure the default configuration of the Dashboard.  

One thing we could do as part of the Allowed Gadgets work is to default the Dashboard configuration for a new user logging in to the set of Gadgets that they are allowed to see.  

The Dashboard configuration is currently tied to the user account and users can belong to multiple roles. 

Would this solve this problem for you?



I think that could work. Regarding “default the Dashboard” will this will be new changes for NEW users, not existing users, correct?

Thank you for letting me know!

How soon are you going to release 5.4? So I can start testing it out. Thank you.

@nate - how soon are you going to release 5.4? I asked because it’s too time consuming to train them how to use Dashboard Gadgets while we train them how to do pages, assets, widgets, etc. 

Thank you.

I think I will put all “adding” new users on hold until 5.4 is released. Please let me know. Thanks!

When will 5.4 come out?