Default to parent folder when building navigation

It would save most of us a huge amount of time (particularly during the early stages of importing a site and building navigation) if, whenever you add a subsection to the navigation, the folder/page chooser defaults to the folder to which you’re adding the page.

For example, if I’m adding a subsection to Biology, and I click “Add Section or Landing Page” and select “Convert Existing Folder,” wouldn’t it make much more sense if the Target Folder chooser opened up the Biology folder by default?

It seems like a huge waste of time to have to navigate down into the same folder and subfolder every single time I want to add a page to the navigation—especially since, if I’m already clicked on a parent folder (as you must be to add a subfolder) and I’m converting an existing subfolder to a nav section, it’s almost certain I’ll be adding a folder that already exists in that same part of the site (rather than moving one from somewhere else.