deleted global templates

hi all

i have deleted some global templates. after restarting the server 3 or 4 times, rx finally decided to remove them from the dropdown on folder properties. i am using rx 5.7.

however, when i preview a piece of content that previously used one of these templates, the xml still shows the deleted template as the global template for that piece of content.

why oh why does rx never do as asked and insist on doing its own thing. how can it still contain references to something that no longer exists. sooooo frustrating. nothing is ever simple with rx…

anybody got any clues what i need to do to fix this.



is anybody able to help with this please. as far as i can tell i have checked everywhere and the global templates no longer exist anywhere yet when previewing content the old global template is being called and therefore i get incorrect display, ie no global navigation, no proper styles etc.


Please feel free to submit a ticket with TS. Thanks!

yes i have - they appear to be struggling too!!!

I assume that you have changed the value on the folder (s) that referenced the deleted global templates? I am under the impression that global templates are referenced by name so even if you delete them and they no longer exist, it can still be “called” as the name is what is being saved…

apparently this is a known bug


This is a reported issue in version 5.7. The recommended workaround is as follows:

Open the property sheet for the folder in the Cx and change the Global Template back to ‘Use Default’ or another existing template, click OK. This will update the PSX_PROPERTIES table.


yes support have suggested this is the workaround. however, i have hundreds of folders and 3 environments - this could take a lot of time that i really don’t have with my current development deadlines. was hoping for a less manual solution to this bug.


Nick kind of “unofficially” pointed you in the direction of an SQL solution. We’re on 6.7, so I don’t make any promises. And to save TS the trouble of chiming in, manual changes to content via SQL are not supported by Percussion, unless they work with you though TS.

DELETE FROM psx_properties where propertyname=‘sys_globaltemplate’ propertyvalue=’<YourDeletedTemplateName>’;

You may want to look at the contents of your table to make sure that the propertyname, etc. aren’t drastically different from those used in later versions of the application.

In the case of 6.5.2 and 6.7, this will cause a default to the global template defined in the Site Definition.

Again, 5.7, YMMV. Since I’ve never looked at the 5.7 tables, I can’t be sure. Also, I don’t know if these particular properties are cached, so you may need to restart your server.

Err, the forum thought I’d intended some malicious code for my property value

DELETE FROM psx_properties where propertyname=‘sys_globaltemplate’ propertyvalue=‘< YourDeletedTemplateName >’;